The Valley of Guadalupe, is a fertile and beautiful valley near Ensenada, just north in the state of Baja California. One of many touristic attractions is the Ruta del Vino (The Wine Route). The tourist visiting this region can enjoy the panoramic Ruta del Vino .This region offers a great variety of wine making enterprises from the small family run operations to the commercial wine makers; at the same time offering a verity of gastronomic choices. The Valley of Guadalupe has a grand variety of small family run country restaurants with international gastronomy .You can find manufacturers of 100% organically grown products like honey, olive oils, candies ,quail eggs, and an extensive variety of cheeses and local handicrafts.

With the wine producing vocation in Ensenada and the fertile land of The Valle of Guadalupe, more and more entrepreneurs continue to discover this exiting and lucrative industry which is expanding outside of the traditional setting into a new international destination. This Bonanza has generated a new concept in the industry of Real Estate “Hacendado Campestre”(Country living residency) in the region, being Haciendas Las Animas the best exponent of this style.